About Us


vINLYhEADZ is a music-themed store in Central Pennsylvania. We’ve been buying and selling records (and most anything else that rocks) since 2014. In that time we’ve bought and sold tens of thousands of records from our marketplaces where we’ve shipped all over the United States and the world. Since our inventory is  only online, customers are not mis-filing our inventory that leads to unfulfilled orders in other record store. While mistakes do sometimes happen, generally our fulfilment rate is in excess of 99.9%. Dealing with so many individual items is no small task though, mis-gradings and even the occasional lost item do happen. Understand that these are rarities and we ask that you please be cool with us. We’ll do all we can to be cool with you. Our inventory is mirrored on a few different marketplaces, and while they are automatically synced and updated, there is some lag. So if you’re trying to cash in on a recent death, the item you are ordering may have already been sold. 



Yes, we’re always in the market for quality used and new records. We will buy large and small collections in the Central Pennsylvania area and will travel for the right collections, so feel free to drop us a line through our Contact Us page. Please give us as much of a description as you can. Maybe list a few titles. Tell us about the condition. How about where they came from? How many? Don’t feel like counting? Measure them in a row. Don’t have a tape measure? Use an LP, they’re a foot. We may ask for follow up photos.



Before shipping, we put records through our industry leading cleaning process. While a scratch ­free record is always more desirable than one that is marred, scratches aren't the only thing that determine a record's fidelity. Since the needle is reading the sonic footprint down in the groove of the record, light surface scratches can be barely (or not at all) discernible. Some record pressings are of better quality than others which helps minimize the effects of scratches. But to make any record sound its best regardless of condition, it should be clean.

Little dust particles invisible to the naked eye settle down in the grooves of your favorite record giving it more pops and clicks as the needle jumps over these bits of grime. In an effort to battle these pesky little intruders, we wash every record we ship (except sealed records) in our ultrasonic cleaner prior to packing it for shipping.

What is an ultrasonic cleaner? An ultrasonic cleaner uses sound waves to form little bubbles in water which virtually scour whatever gets placed into their baths. For years ultrasonic cleaners have been used in dentist offices, for cleaning jewelry and a myriad of other uses. More recently, they've become the industry standard in deep groove record cleaning because of their ability to non­abrasively clean. Afterwards we vacuum-dry the records to remove any remaining residue. While the benefits vary substantially depending on the actual condition of the record, the results can be breathtaking.



We recognize that buying used records online can be a hair-raising experience. We try to take the worry out of it. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please message through our Contact Us page and we will find a resolution that leaves you satisfied. Please do not ship items back without prior instruction to do so. Generally, this is pretty rare. But we are human and dealing with a lot of used items, so sometimes mistakes happen.
As we mentioned above, be cool with us, and we’ll do all we can to be cool with you.